Defining the future of Blockchain and Web3 technology.

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NextWave DAO is a movement of industry insiders, united in the common goal of supporting innovative projects defining the future of Blockchain & Web3 technology.

Our community comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds. By leveraging our combined experience, we identify and support early-stage Web3 innovators and pioneers by bringing the founders and backing needed to win their vertical.

While doxxing isn’t for everyone, our founders and early adopters are proud to stake their reputations to the success of this community!

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The Mission


Decentralize the benefits of the Web3 revolution by centralizing our community's knowledge - using it to identify and evaluate winners over the next decade of Web3 innovation!

To that aim, we built the first community bringing founders, contributors, and investors in the same room. Our sole focus is promoting ventures leveraging Blockchain technology and providing real utility to their users!

Bring your big-wave energy to NextWave & do your part in building the budding Web3 ecosystem!

Web3 Incubator + Networking Portal

Our private membership portal will host a professional community of the highest caliber (think LinkedIn meets Y-Comb, but for Web3).

No more pay-to-play from the Web2 world! Reach through your new network of like-minded professionals to find the jobs, investors, workforce, partnerships, and collaborators that power your success.

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Shill to the Sharks - Pitch Competitions

Shark Tank is fun, but what if it was 1000x bigger? The NextWave community pairs innovation with industry insight to support top projects both as a unified DAO and as individuals.

Shill to the Sharks is a weekly pitch competition hosted by NextWave for the best-of-the-best in Web3 innovation. The best pitches will be voted on by DAO members to decide which projects get community backing.

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Bridge to the BusinessVerse

Early this Summer, NextWave will cut the ribbon its Metaverse HQ, giving Web3 startups a virtual incubator space with access to the coaches and experts they need.

By combined Metaverse events with IRL events, competitions and shared community assets, NextWave ties our "real lives" and "Web3 lives" into one!

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NextWave NFTs are your membership to the movement. Join us in building the Web3 revolution!

Membership Details

NextWave Diamond

NextWave Alliance

Mint Dates
Minting is Live
Pre-Sale: May 2
Public Sale: May 4
Pre-Sale Cost (Availability)
0.5 ETH
(66 Units)
0.08 ETH
(1000 Units)
Public Sale Cost
1.0 ETH
0.1 ETH
Total Token Availability
100 NFTs
5555 NFTs
1 Common Design
5555 Unique Designs
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NextWave NFTs are your membership to the movement. Join us in building the Web3 revolution!

January 2022

NextWave’s Diamond Pre-Sale of 66 tokens minted out!

NextWave DAO retains 34 NextWave Diamond tokens to further build the brand, engage the NFT community, create partnerships and collaborations, and to ensure the project is sustainable and scalable

February 2022

NextWave DAO begins collaboration with innovative Web3 businesses, building the community’s portfolio

Community building and networking begins ahead of the NextWave Alliance drop

March + April 2022

First members-only virtual event:
- RoundTable Discussion with Web3 Thought Leaders
- Startup Founders & Industry Experts
- Twitter Spaces: Meet the Community

May 2022

May 2:
NextWave Alliance drops, minting 1,000 NFTs @ 0.08 ETH

May 4:
NextWave Alliance Public Sale -  4,555 NFTs @ 0.1 ETH

Community Networking Portal goes Live

First charitable donation voted on in the Community Networking Portal

First lifestyle branding partners announced

June/July 2022

All 100 NextWave Diamond holders and a lucky selection of NextWave Alliance holders meet in Miami for our first Event / Launch Party

Half-day panels, pitch contests and networking sessions will be followed by a networking cocktail and celebration party in Miami.

More details to be announced!

2022 Q3/Q4

First Meetup in the NextWave Metaverse Facility


Our Big Kahunas are Fully Doxxed

Cenk Sidar

Co-Founder & CEO of

Web3 Investor | NFT Collector | Passionate about blockchain, Web3, DeFi

Arjun Gupta

Founder & CEO of Mokshsoft

Tech Entrepreneur & Investor | Blockchain/DeFi Fanatic | Web3 Evangelist

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